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Beckett Nostalgia – May 1993

Found some of my old Becketts while visiting my parents this past Sunday.

I think I picked up Beckett for well over 3-4 years. Never subscribing but picking it up when I could. Back then there was no other way to “price” your cards so you had to make sure that you kept up to date with the current prices.

I only picked up a few of them from the house, I’m pretty sure I recycled some while others are lying around the house. The ones I picked up were #98 May ’93 #100 July ’93,  #119, #120, #122, #125 from 1995.

The #98 May’93 Beckett with Maddux on the cover was probably the one I scoured over and poured through the longest mainly because in June that year I went over to Taiwan for the summer. Since I had no idea if Beckett was distributed in Taiwan I took #98 and some older issues  to tide me over.

Anyways the reason I even bring this up was the May ’93 issue had an ad in its calendar section. It was for the 1993 Anaheim Sports Expo April 16-18. Don Drysdale was going to be signing on the Sunday for $11, Bats $35. I really wanted to go but as a kid I couldn’t afford to go anywhere without my parents. $5/day or $10 for all 3 days and my parents weren’t going to spend all that money to watch me buy more cards that cost money.

So it was really sad when I saw that and realized that he passed away the same year. July 3rd to be exact. As a kid, I had no idea that he had died, so I was really confused when Rick Monday replaced him on the Dodgers broadcast. Usually they would take Vin Scully out after he had broadcasted a few innings and then the second announcer would come on. It took me a while before I realized that Rick Monday was permanently replacing the previous guy. And it took even longer for me to realize who he had replaced.

It would have been amazing to have met him before he passed.


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