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I guess this is what they call, “Mojo”

I picked up a whole bunch of blasters to satisfy my wax opening addiction, including in the mix were 2 blasters for 2011 Bowman. I have complained about there being too much Bowman but I figured I should at least try out the regular Bowman release.

Picked it up on the very first pack of the very first Blaster. I guess this is what they call, “Mojo”

Bryce Harper Bowman’s Best Refractor /99!

Someone also pointed out to me that it is number 34, Bryce Harper’s jersey number. Now I’m trying to decide if I should get it graded then eBay it or sell it raw. Anyone have any thoughts on that?


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June 27, 2011 at 10:54 am

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Bowman, Bowman, Bowman, Bowman, Bowman

I initially wrote this post in the guise of being an expert on Bowman. But really how can I be since I haven’t collected cards in some time. Instead I decided to write as someone who has no real clue about why there are so many sets of Bowman. In doing some research for this article I found out at one point there were 6 versions of baseball cards released under the brand name “Bowman,” in 2006.  The sets produced were Bowman, Chrome, Heritage, Sterling, Originals, and Draft Picks and Prospects (DPP). It would have been 7 sets had they decided to produce Bowman’s Best that year.

It’s been “thinned” down to just 5 sets produced/planned in the current cycle. With DPP, Platinum and Sterling being released late last year/early this year and Bowman (regular) just recently released. While Chrome will see a release in October, another release of Platinum is already being prepped for July (delayed from June).

What is Topps trying to accomplish here? Sure the licenses need to be paid for and used, but how is producing useless cards going to help out both collectors and themselves in the long run? Let’s be honest here, a large majority of these prospects will bust, the remaining few will have some degree with of a career in the Bigs and even fewer will turn out to be of superstar caliber. Most of these cards will be near worthless in 5 years, maybe even before this season ends.

Now if we are going to say that they cater to different types of collectors, if we consider that Sterling is for the top-level high-end collectors, what about the rest? Based off approximate Hobby pack value. The cheapest cards to buy per pack were regular Bowman at ~$0.30/card, DPP was next at $0.43/card, Chrome was $0.75/card, Platinum was $1/card and Sterling was $10/card. Looking at it from the “pack” perspective: Bowman is $3/pack, Chrome is $3/pack, DPP is $3/pack, Platinum is $5/pack, Sterling would sell for about $50/pack. If the point is to produce cards for collectors at different price points I don’t really see it when breaking it down in that fashion.

There’s really not much price differentiation for each set until you get to Bowman Sterling. The rest of the Bowman sets are pack priced to sell for around $3 and there’s no real attempt by Topps to create any kind of market segmentation other than to split it between “regular” priced cards (anything non-Sterling) and, “top-level high-end” priced cards. So if they’re not trying to differentiate the sets for collectors with different “price” points then what are the sets good for other than to screw the collectors themselves by leaving them with mostly worthless cards in slightly different variations?

And as a re-entering collector, how do I even differentiate between the various sets? What is the difference between Bowman, Chrome, DPP other than insert ratios and the amount of chroming, refracting and prospecting? Why are there even chrome variations in the sets not named Chrome? I mean I know why (because most collectors are masochists), but I just shake my head when I try to apply some logic to it.

Enough of my rambling. I’m not really sure what the solution is to fix this problem, or if Topps really wants to fix it since it seems like people will buy these cards anyways to speculate and then just throw out everything else. This seems like a complete waste on both sides of The Hobby. I guess since DPP, Platinum and Sterling come out after the season is over people will buy it just because its something to buy.

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June 20, 2011 at 12:15 pm

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