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The Box

This is “the box,” albeit more aged than when I first laid eyes on it. It was a large 3200 count box that increased the size of my collection considerably.

Growing up my parents were against spending money on baseball cards. For the most part I had a collection consisting of random packs I was able to convince my parents to buy for me. I remember one time at a Target, I was able to get 3 packs of 1992 Score. Due to collation issues I picked up 3 copies of Jose Gonzalez. Even back then getting 3 cards of him was a huge letdown. They couldn’t even bother to edit his back foot properly.

I did get a box of Topps ’94 and Triple Play ’94 for Christmas and my birthday but besides that my collection was relatively lacking and my collection progressively slowed.

I am pretty sure I was gifted, “The Box” sometime in 1996. Because I’m sure I stopped collecting in 1996/97 and  I didn’t collect much after the ’94 strike started. However for some reason I have a ton of basketball cards from after 1996. I know I did not buy these packs so it remains a mystery to me why I have them unless they came from this box.

All I know for sure is that the box was bought at a garage sale by my mom and my grandma for about $20. Perusing all the different types of cards the previous owner had I saw tons of 1991 Pro-Set Football, lots of hockey, tons of 1992 Upper Deck Baseball, 1992 Topps. He had tons of those Desert Storm cards, a whole bunch of comic cards (Marvel only, no DC), some really weird promo cards and what appeared to be small PC collections of Sandberg, Canseco, Boggs, Clark, Dykstra and a plethora of Matt Williams cards which as a Dodgers fan I should just light on fire. I am sure he kept most of his Ripken and Ryan cards since I was only able to find maybe 2 cards with Ripken in it and not much Nolan Ryan other than a few Topps cards and a partial set of those 1991 Pacific Ryan Express cards.

This box brought me a lot of joy as a kid as I’d spend the first few weeks, sorting and collating the cards into its respective sport and set.  I was lucky before to even pull a “star” player from a pack, but now I had a ton of them from sets I had never even collected. It definitely beefed up my collection to a point that I wouldn’t have been gotten to had I just picked up packs here and there. In future posts, I’d like to share some of the stuff I picked up from this box.


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