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Some effort for Pacquiao, Topps?

Topps Tier One was announced today as a new “high-end” baseball product.

Something seems very familiar about that picture of Pacquiao in Topps Tier One…

If you’re unfamliar, I superimposed the Topps Tier One auto card of Pacquiao and layered it over his 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter auto card.

That card is probably the most sought autograph (non-baseball anyways) in Topps Allen & Ginter, and now Topps is going to not even bother using another image of Pacquiao for its “Tier One” high-end product. Come on, if you’re going to do something like stick Pacquiao into a high-end baseball product like “Tier One” and charge $$ for the product at least photoshop in a baseball cap or put a baseball glove on his hand. At the very least give your customers a new picture for their money.

Edit: I’ve been told by Chris Olds that indeed the mini card in the frame for the A&G Pacquiao has changed to this:

I guess you can’t trust the images Topps post until the cards actually come out.




Written by deadwaxsociety

July 6, 2011 at 10:45 pm